Stefan Habel

Visual Effects Software Engineer


06 / 06 / 2018

A stand-alone non-photorealistic renderer
Version 2

My role: Software Engineer, UI Designer
Languages/Frameworks used: C++, Qt, OpenGL

aQtree is a cooperation between University of Konstanz, brainpets GbR and the Institute of Animation at Filmakademie. Thomas Luft from Konstanz is developing the core of the renderer, David & Tatjana Maas are the project's creative producers, and I'm working on a node-based, panel-oriented, platform-independent, plugin-driven, flexible user interface as the renderer's frontend for version 2 of the application.

The data structure for creating nodes and building node connections was extracted from aQtree to form the Node Framework project. The user interface classes were extracted to create frapper – a Framework for Applications that can now be used at the Institute of Animation for designing other applications that require a panel-oriented and platform-independent user interface.

Two films have been rendered using the first version of aQtree (then called aquaTree), and another film is currently in pre-production that will be the first to be rendered with aQtree version 2:

Film Directed by Produced by
Strider (2009) Maryna Shchipak
Kieselstein (2007) Ellen Hoffmann Julia Maier
Love.Leech.Tomato (2007) David Maas Tatjana Maas
aQtree Logo Screenshot of aQtree (07/28/2008)